Learning is a direct line to empowerment for both kids and adults. Here, you’ll find resources designed to empower you and help you confidently lead Art with Heart programs with kids.

How to Lead Healing Art Activities with Kids

Leading an Art with Heart program with kids is simple and effective! Check out this video to learn the all the ins and outs. It shows tips for helping kids focus on creative expression, talk about their art, and help them see art as a meaningful outlet for emotions.

Grief Resources

These art activities and expert video use creative expression to help kids process their feelings during the grief journey. Generously funded by Safe Crossings Foundation, visit them at safecrossingsfoundation.org.

Caregivers Guides

Guides to help Caregivers talk with kids about grief and create a supportive environment of healing. Includes activities to explore grief through creative outlets that encourage sharing and expression. Generously funded by Safe Crossings Foundation, visit them at safecrossingsfoundation.org.

Art Extension Activities

These activities come from our curricula and each complements a page from one of our therapeutic activity books. Along with art-making, each video walks you through supportive emotional goals, how to lead the activity, and prompted discussion questions to use in practice.

Art Techniques

View time lapse videos that can help you build technical skills with a variety of mediums.

Creative Expression in One Minute

Got a minute? That’s all you need to reflect, regroup, and recharge. This video walks you through a one-minute reflection technique. Try it!

Learn from the Experts

Click here to listen to our partners and advisors thoughts on how Art with Heart resources are a compliment to classroom social and emotional learning (SEL) programs, before/after school programming, and trauma-informed schools.

The Key to Success

Many kids can have depthful experiences with creative expression on their own, but when paired with a trusted adult, Art with Heart programming can become transformational, allowing kids to use nonverbal mediums to find expression for what they can’t say.
Draw It Out is empowering and engaging and is one of only a few books that provides truly inspiring prompts for children challenged by grief, loss, and trauma.

Upcoming Trainings

Creative Consulting, $25 for 30 min Session
We want to make sure you have everything you need to use creative expression with the kids you're serving with confidence. We're offering personalized consult sessions for anyone who wants to check in, ask questions, and receive support. Sign up by email, trainings@artwithheart.org
August 5th
This webinar highlights the benefits of creative expression for building SEL skills. You'll learn how to use creative expression to help kids name and manage emotions, develop strategies for coping, and build resilience. Combining theory and anecdotal experience, you'll learn how to use creative expression to engage kids and build trust and connection.
August 3rd
In-Person Training: Creative Expression to Build SEL Skills
In this 4 hour training we'll focus on our therapeutic activity book developed for elementary-aged kids, Draw it Out (DIO). DIO provides a creative vehicle for developing a visual and verbal vocabulary for loss, as well as a supportive structure to teach SEL strategies while building resilience.

Customized Trainings

We provide in-person and online trainings to help adults learn to use creative expression with kids to build social emotional learning skills, and develop a new coping mechanism when faced with adversity. Organization or team wide trainings are the best. Reach out if you want a custom training for your school, community based organization, or institution.

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